why fps is important to games

When you have a higher fps, you will get a better and smoother experience while playing games. But that doesn’t mean fps is the only thing important for playing games, it could boost your performance in gaming and you won’t see any lag while playing high graphics games.

[Online games] One more thing you have to remember that the pings also actually matter when you are playing games on a mobile phone or on a PC/Laptop. Sometimes pings might change the overall experience.

If you have lower pings then you may see less lag and the transitions also look cleaner on the games. It can be any game like role-playing, shooting, or any other category games.

What is fps?

The fps stands for frames per second and as stated by Wikipedia, fps is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display.

Mobile Devices Frame Rates

15 FPS

30 FPS

45 FPS

60 FPS

90 FPS

120 FPS

144 FPS

These are all the frame rates available on the mobile devices, and you should consider refresh rate (this is not the only factor but having a higher refresh rate may improve your gaming experience) if you are purchasing the mobile phone only for gaming purposes.

But the disadvantages with the highest refresh rate mobiles are the charge duration of the battery, it will drain much faster than you expect. And sometimes the mobile phones get heated up a little bit but few smartphones are coming up with a Vapor chamber cooling system to dissipate the heat occurrence in the phones.

Which fps is ideal for all games?

Basically, it depends on the games you are choosing, for instance, if you are playing a puzzle game or any other low end graphic games you don’t have to worry about the refresh rate. But the COD mobile, PUBG, Genshin Impact, and other high end games requires an optimal refresh rate value and the processor, yeah that is also an important factor you need to consider while looking for gaming mobiles.

The 30fps is a standard value for all the games but when you jump to 60fps or more than that you will see a drastic improvement in the transitions and smoothness in the games. Not every mobile comes with a higher refresh rate, so if you really want a flawless experience then you should go for the higher refresh rate mobiles.

What should you have to look at while playing games on PC?

Actually, if you are playing in your system you have to look at the Hz in the display monitor and the framerate in the GPU. Moreover, you need to make sure that you are having the optimized graphics card, processor and clock speed. Finally, with the higher refresh rate, the game would be less laggy and more responsive.

If you have everything perfect then you will see the dramatic changes in the games while playing, when it comes to the shooting games like COD, PUBG and counter strike, you will see the differences while shooting the enemy. The movement will be very smooth but when you are having the lower fps, you may notice the minute delay in the movement.

However, for some people that may not be a problem, many people are playing games with 30fps but still, they are enjoying the games. The only advantage of the higher fps is the gaming experience, it will be smoother and faster.

What is the V-SYNC?

If your V-Sync is ON, there will be no space for a screen tearing problem. When the refresh rate of your monitor doesn’t match with the frame rate of your PC the tearing will occur but the problem with the V-SYNC ON is that the input lag (for some PC it will occur not for everyone). Due to this, gamers will turn off the V-Sync while playing the games.

If you are having a high end PC then try it out with the V-SYNC ON there will be a noticeable change in your games. By any chance you felt any input lag while playing then you can switch it off for a better experience.

Will fps help you to become a good gamer?

It may make you a better gamer but that’s not the only case, you need to practice a lot and you should improve your skills in everything. If you are not improving your skills then whatever game you are playing you will be in the same position, so try to enhance your skills.

Basically, if you are having a higher fps it will make you to play the games smoothly and in the lower fps you may notice a little delay, say if you are playing with 90fps of any high end shooting games and it will be easy for you to shoot the enemy without any lag. In case, if you are playing in the 30fps you may find some difficulty while playing high end games.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about fps and their benefits and advantages, so you need to figure out whether you have to consider fps or not for gaming.

Leave a comment below about your thoughts on frames per second (fps).