smartphone camera vs dslr

For so many people this kind of question will be popping in their head. Will the smartphone camera take a lead in the camera industry? The answer to this we can’t say yes, but in some cases, the smartphone is doing a pretty good job than the DSLR.

Are smartphone cameras better than DSLR? DSLR vs smartphones? How can someone compare a DSLR with smartphone cameras?

Over the last decade if you see the changes in the technology side it will be a jaw-dropping scenario and in both smartphone cameras and the camera industry. Whenever they release their products there will be a slight improvement and better performance in it. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Read on to see the differences between them and you guys can conclude which one will be a better option for you.

Image Quality

Here I’ll just compare the Samsung A50 and the Canon 700d for you to see the differences. So that you will get an idea about how the smartphone cameras and digital cameras are varying with the picture quality.

Before getting into the picture comparison you need to know what the size of the sensor is and how it helps you to make your images look cooler than the others. See the below image for the reference, TokinaUSA has demonstrated the value of full-frame and crop-sensor cameras.

crop sensor vs full frame sensor

More megapixel doesn’t mean that you will get a higher image quality, for example, you can take iPhone or pixel cameras. They will have lower megapixel compared to other smartphones but the results of the picture quality will be astonishing.

Some of the smartphones will have more than 20MP in the camera but the details of the images won’t be that good to see and you can’t even upload that photos anywhere, and in the mobile camera, the sensor size won’t be as big as in the DSLR’s.

The bokeh effect will be good in the digital camera and the ISO also can be used at a higher rate but on the mobile camera, you can’t see the sharpness as well as the DSLR’s. The dynamic range in the phone camera is improving a lot but they can’t compete with the digital camera.

The below images are taken from the Samsung A50 and the Canon 700D. You will see the difference between picture quality, sharpness, and details. Everything will be great in the DSLR when compared to the mobile camera.

smartphone vs DSLR

One important factor you have to remember is that in smartphones the processor is not only specific for the cameras but also to the entire phone. In the digital camera, it is used only for images, videos, and other processing works.

The digital camera has a high-end processor such as DIGIC 6+ processor, EXPEED 3 processor which helps the camera to perform well and deliver excellent image quality for you.

Battery Life and Storage

battery: dslr vs smartphones

When it comes to Battery Life, both have their pros and cons, the DSLR has the strongest batteries and it will be used only for the specific purpose, unlike smartphones. Mobile phones are used for various things therefore the battery power will drain sooner than the DSLR.

For the DSLR you have to carry the spare battery along with you so that you can change them instantly if your charge is starting to drain in your digital camera. While taking pictures with the viewfinder it won’t drain that much battery power, but if you are more into the videos then certainly you should have some spare batteries handy.

Nowadays, smartphones are coming with non-removable batteries, so you can’t buy spare batteries like the DSLR’s. In this case, you can use the power bank for a while to charge it. So both have the advantages and disadvantages of their own.

Let’s look at the storage of smartphones, you can shoot as many photos as possible until the internal and external slot storage gets filled. But in the digital camera, you have to keep an extra one always otherwise you can transfer the files via Bluetooth or by Wi-Fi to your device.

However, the mobile phone can save the files as much as possible but if the external storage and internal storage are about to get full you need to be ready for backing up the data otherwise you can delete the files whichever you are not using for a while.


Mostly the digital camera can capture the images with RAW and JPEG format or else you can choose either one of them. But if you are shooting with the RAW and JPEG format then the storage will finish sooner than the other modes, if it is in the RAW format also won’t be that much difference, only JPEG will occupy less storage than the others in the DSLR’s.

In smartphones, JPEG is the default format and if you want to shoot at the RAW format there are third party apps available in the store so that you can download it from there. And some devices are capable of shooting with the RAW and JPEG format on the phones.

Adobe Lightroom app is available to edit the RAW images in the mobile phone and many other apps are there to edit the RAW photos.

Reference : digital-photography-school

Price of the Devices

You will probably find a decent camera within the budget in both DSLR and the smartphones, however, DSLR’s are way more expensive than the smartphones. And another thing you have to think about in the digital camera is the lenses. While buying a DSLR some of them will come with the kit lenses but if you need any other lenses you have to buy it from the store.

You can get the best lenses for the camera from the market and choosing the right one will make your pictures wonderful. The price of the lenses will be costlier, if you feel it is expensive then you can go for the third party lenses for the digital camera.

For smartphones also some brands are releasing macro lenses, which is almost excellent to use and many photographers are suggesting to the entry-level people.

If it is a traditional camera then you need an extra buck to spend for the DSLR to get the high-quality images so you have to decide which one makes you comfortable while shooting and recording video.

DSLR or Smartphone Cameras

Mobile phone cameras are really powerful ones but they can’t take over the place of Digital camera because of the sensor size and the facts you have seen above. But one factor is better in the smartphones is that you can carry it anywhere in your pocket without any extra bags or other luggage like a DSLR.

And the people who are asking are the DSLR dead? Or is the digital camera worth buying? You have to know that digital cameras are improving a lot in every aspect and still it will get better in the future. So before getting into that mindset, make sure what kind of photos you are going to shoot and what will be your area of interest in photography.

If you are more into wildlife/wedding/ product photography you should definitely carry both of them with you. Because in some cases the subject will be farther away from you and in that time you have to use the telephoto lens for shooting the subjects, sometimes close shots can be taken in the mobile phone if you are using iPhone 11 pro max, Pixel 4 XL and other high-end mobiles are considerable.

For sample images, you can look for the photos on any social media networks, so many photographers are now carrying these phones with them and they are regularly updating their photos on Instagram and their websites. Follow some of them and you will see the differences between the mobile phone and the DSLR’s.

In the digital camera, if you don’t have the right settings then it would be a problem for you, especially if you are shooting in the wedding or product photography with the hard light setup.

For smartphones, there is no need for changing settings like DSLR. It will change accordingly to the situation but the pro mode in the smartphones will help you to change the settings as per your wish.

The dynamic range of the mobile phone is still not as good as the digital camera even though phones can snap the HDR images. And the noises also will be more on smartphones.

External Flash

external flash dslr

Smartphones find it difficult to shoot in the Low-light situation and the detail of the images also won’t be nice to look, but for the digital camera that won’t be a problem, you can use the external flash and sometimes you can use the built-in flash also for shooting the images.

Mobile phone flashes won’t help you much in the night time but if you don’t want to miss the moment you can just snap the photo for the memories. In the end, the DSLR has a huge advantage in both dull and harsh light conditions.


Digital camera performances are far away from the smartphone cameras and while maintaining you have to handle the DSLR very carefully than the mobile phone. If any dust particle accumulated in the sensor you have put a lot of money on cleaning it or replacing it with another one.

Likewise, you have to clean it regularly otherwise the image quality won’t look as you expected. Meanwhile, mobile phones don’t need to be protected like DSLR but you need to be aware of any worst-case scenario.

Editing Apps

You can edit any images with your phone itself. There are plenty of apps available in the store and some of the apps can be purchased with a few amounts of money for better use. Smartphones are very comfortable in this scenario and don’t have to waste time transferring the pictures.

In some cases, mobile editing apps can’t do everything so you can use your PC software to edit your pictures at that time.


Phone cameras are doing a pretty good job and the digital camera too, from this you can come to a conclusion that both has its advantages and disadvantages with it and some people will prefer both and I too will prefer that, but if you are more concerned about the quality of the image then you have to buy the DSLR for your satisfaction.

If you are just focusing only on selfies, and random clicks while you were going out with your family or friends then you can go for the smartphones that are the best choice for you and you don’t have to spend more money on the digital camera and lenses.