Memory Card for DSLR

Buying the memory card for DSLR will be a quite confusing task for some people because on memory cards there will be so many terms if you don’t choose the right one you will end up in a desperate situation while you are shooting with your digital camera.

What do I mean by that? Some memory cards are okay with photography but if you are using the same memory card for recording videos then that would create a problem at times. I will talk about this in detail in the later section.

There are different types of memory cards available on the market so make sure which one will be the best option for you and to your daily routine for shooting and recording videos.

TIP: Make sure you always have more than one memory card with you for backup

Types of Memory Card

Different types of memory cards available on the market so try to understand which one will be the perfect choice for your needs.

SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, Compact Flash, and CFast 2.0 memory cards are there, and let’s see about these things now.

Secure Digital (SD)

Basically, SD cards are used in the camera and their storage is limited to 4 GB. They are slower than the other SD cards. And if the storage is higher than that, then that would be an SDHC or SDXC card.

Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)

The SDHC has the capacity of 4 GB and it exceeds up to 64GB, it is functional for shooting and recording any videos. If the capacity is higher than this then that is SDXC cards.

Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC)

SDXC cards are used to have more than 64GB of storage and it goes up to 2TB but right now we don’t have anything with the space of 2TB but it will come in the future for sure. Both SDHC and SDXC are used in the camera for better outcomes.


The MicroSD cards are smaller than the other SD cards and it is suitable for mobile phones, action cameras, and drones. In this MicroSD card, you will find the SDHC and SDXC cards.

MicroSDHC: Transfer speed is up to 10 MB per second.

MicroSDXC: Transfer speed is much faster than the MicroSDHC.

Compact Flash

The Compact Flash cards will be the greatest option for professional photographers and it is suitable for high-end cameras like Sony A7III and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. You can see the below image for reference to compact flash cards.


CFast memory cards are used in the high-end video cameras for recording video as well as the high performing still cameras. You need to be aware that your device supports CFast cards otherwise you are unable to use this model. CFast transfer speed is faster than the others (up to 300Mb/s).

Now let’s see about the terms which you can see on the SD cards. See the image for more clarification.

You can see the manufacturer name, writing speed, reading speed, UHS type, storage capacity, and card type. In some memory cards, you will see a few things and in some cards, you will see everything. Take a look at the below example, you can see the minor difference in the images. Likewise, it has different types of models on the market.

Memory card for dslr

First, we can see the classes of the memory cards. If speed class number is smaller, write speed of the card will be slower.

Write Speed                        Speed Class
2 MB/sec 2
4 MB/sec 4
8 MB/sec 8
10 MB/sec 10

After that, you can see the Ultra High Speed (UHS) class term on the memory card which is 1 and 3 of the class.

Write Speed UHS Speed class
10 MB/Sec 1
30 MB/Sec 3

Next you will see the Video Speed Class term, some memory cards comes with this class and some doesn’t have this one.

Write Speed Video Speed class
6 MB/Sec V6
10 MB/Sec V10
30 MB/Sec V30
60 MB/Sec V60
90 MB/Sec V90

These are the writing speed and terms on the memory card which you will see while purchasing and choose them wisely for your needs.

How to Pick the Memory Card for you?

Fortunately, we have a lot of memory cards on the market so you need to be sure which one is suitable for you. So if your focus is only on photography than the recording video you can go for the class 10 or class 8 cards it will be a decent choice for you.

If you have the most advanced camera then try to pick the faster card so that the writing and reading speed will be better than the other types. The UHS cards are used for recording 4K videos and one more reason to choose the faster card is that it will writes the RAW images quick than you expect.

Look for the Speed

You can look at the left side of the memory card, it will have a 70 MB/Sec, 150 MB/Sec and more, so you can pick the one which is relevant for your gears. Nowadays most of the camera has a two slots for storing the photos and videos. You can buy one faster card and one normal one otherwise you can buy faster card for both slots, it is totally depends upon your choice.

Reading Speed memory card for camera

Look for the Capacity

While buying take a glance at your device whether it supports the speed, type and the capacity too otherwise it won’t work on your model. If you closely look into the specs you will see the suggestion that it can support up to 32GB or 64GB, so try to buy that instead of going for advanced cards.

If you are shooting in the camera, the RAW file will be around 25-150 MB in that case you should go for the advanced SD cards because it is faster and you can shoot many pictures and videos.

Look for the Price

Definitely the price of the advanced cards will be expensive but few cheaper memory cards are there and it will have a basic requirement what you are looking for to buy.

So, here I will list the some of the best memory card for the devices, you should choose it properly for your requirements. Read on to find out more.

Best Memory Card for 4K Video

Basically, everything will differ in the advanced models when you compared to the smaller or normal cards. And some of them will be way more expensive so plan accordingly while buying them.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II

The fact that it is the best due to the write and read speed, it is a good option for the wildlife, sports photography and for the videographers also. It has a read speed up to 300 MB/Sec and write speed up to 260 MB/Sec. The storage of this model is 128GB, but it is quite expensive.

Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X Speed

For professional who are facing with the buffering issue with the other models while shooting you can buy the Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X Speed, it is very costly but worth to buy. Normally it writes up to 260 MB/Sec and read speed up to 300 MB/Sec and the card capacity is 128GB.

Best Memory Card for Camera

After getting the DSLR, lenses and batteries, SD card is the one left to buy but while buying figure out which card do you need and which one will support your device.

One of my friend didn’t buy the right card and he was using that for a few months after that his device is not detecting any memory card itself. He spent some bucks for repairing that gear so be aware of this while purchasing the memory card.

Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X Speed

One thing we can say about this card is that it is a versatile one, the read speed of the card is 300 MB/Sec and the write speed is 260 MB/Sec. If you are photographer or videographer this model is suitable for you in every aspect and the storage comes from 32GB to 128GB.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I

The SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I provides you the flawless 4K video and you can shoot Full HD and 3D videos without any interruption. Here you have to notice that the read speed is 170 MB/Sec not the write speed and the write speed is at 90 MB/Sec.

Good thing about this model is that it has a capacity from 64 GB to 1 TB. Many would find this as a good one when compared to others because you don’t have to delete the files regularly, deleting the file would be a rare case in this card.

Transcend 800x Compact Flash

Normally compact flash cards are speed and the Transcend ensure that it will be much faster than other ones. It has an ultra-fast read speed of 120 MB/Sec and the read speed is 60 MB/Sec but the beginners might feel costly to buy this model. For shooting Full HD and 4K Video this is an ideal choice for the vloggers.

Best SD Cards for Smartphones

If you are going to buy SD card for your smartphones then one thing you can do is that to avoid the expensive cards like SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II and other ones. Because some mobile phones doesn’t support the high-end cards, look for it while purchasing them.

I will list some of the SD Cards for smartphones below

Samsung Evo Plus microSD card

Technically this has a wide variety of storage capacity so purchase the one which comes under your category, it starts from 32 GB and it is available up to 256 GB. The read speed is 100 MB/Sec and the write speed is 90 MB/Sec. The price of this model is pretty decent to buy for everyone.

SanDisk Extreme Plus

Sandisk launched many fastest cards but this is the best one among the other microSD card group, it has an ability to read up to 95 MB/Sec and the write speed up to 90 MB/Sec. This has a different types of storage capacity from 32GB to 128GB and it is quite expensive.

PNY Elite Performance 32GB

PNY claims that it will be an excellent choice for the photographers who are consistently working on sports and recording video, if you are often capturing in the continuous mode this is an excellent option for you. It comes with a huge number of storage capacity from 32 GB to 512 GB and the transfer speed is up to 100 MB/Sec.

Lexar Professional 1000x 64GB microSDXC UHS-II Card

It provides you everything what you need, fast transfer speed and the high speed performance, it allows you to record & play HD and 4K video without glitches. It reads up to 150 MB/Sec and the write speed is up to 90 MB/Sec. Like other models it does have different category of storage capacity from 32GB to 256GB.

Final View

Memory cards are a necessary product for your mobile phones, digital cameras and for other gadgtes, so make sure you get the right card for your gears.


Can we use microSD card in DSLR?

You can use the microSD card but you need adapter for that some digital camera supports the adapter and some doesn’t support so check your device before going for the trip whether the adapter is suitable for your device or not.

Do all SD cards work with all DSLR’s?

In most cases you can use every SD cards on your camera but the microSD cards can’t be mounted on some of the cameras in that time you can use it with the adaptor.