is an instant camera worth buying

In short, Yes the instant cameras made a big change in the camera industry while everybody is switching over to DSLR and mirrorless, Fujifilm Instax camera has done a pretty great job in this, and other brands are also launching the camera nowadays. Recently, it has gained so much popularity among people.

The real question that occurs to the people is, When and why should I buy the instant camera? If you would love to capture every moment wherever you are going and make a print of it right away, then the instant camera is the one for you.

When you are traveling and taking a snap with the strangers or capturing the pictures with your friends, you can hand over the photo easily with a single click.

Some of the Things need to know before buying the Camera

While everyone is having a second thought of whether I should buy a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the instant camera has also made it curious for people to buy it. Most of the cameras come with a different type of colors.

By simply, we can say that the Fujifilm did a drastic change in instax cameras, and there are many variations like Mini, Wide, and square models. Not only Fujifilm, other brands like Polaroid, Leica, and many other brands are releasing the camera.

It is fun to shoot, and you will get the images instantly whenever you click the pictures.

The 11 Best Instant Cameras to purchase and have fun

Let me introduce the list of best ones from the famous brands who are making these cameras.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

instax camera: instax mini 9

Fujifilm made it so easy to use for everyone, and they offer you a variety of colors. It is especially for the selfie lovers who love to take an image, and it will give you the credit card size of prints to you immediately.

It comes with a fixed focus, and the aperture can be set between f/12.7 to f/32 to shoot at different lighting situations. The Instax Mini 9 has an automatic built-in flash to perform well in the dim light condition. It does have shooting settings like sun and cloud to change the tone of color.

The design of the camera is more appealing than the other cameras, and the price is affordable for everyone.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

instant camera: instax mini 90 neo classic

The Instax Mini 90 has the different types of modes for shooting, and that is kids mode, party mode, and other ones. Each mode has its own function to perform in a different light situation. For example, Macro mode can be shot from 30cm to 60cm, and then the landscape mode is set for the distant subject (3m to infinity).

Here Fujifilm introduced the most advanced characteristics like a bulb mode, and the double exposures for creative shooting, the design of the camera comes with a vintage look. The price is quite reasonable for the buyers.

The placement of the keys is easy to navigate, and the flash is performing well, which helps the camera to get the amazing output. Finally, it can be turned off whenever you need, but most of the Instax cameras are unable to turn off the flash.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

best instax camera: instax mini 8

You will have so much fun while shooting with this camera, the gear is very compact, and you can focus on the subject which is a little away from the camera lens, say for from 2 to 9ft. The Instax Mini 8 has a built-in flash to use in every scenario.

As like other models this one also has the sunny, cloudy, shade, and night modes, it will suggest you to shoot in these modes when you are shooting in the darker or brighter place. If you would like to test it by yourself then you don’t have to see the mode suggestion.

The price is also cheaper than the other Instax cameras. The camera requires two AA batteries and the body color has a different type of colors, you can pick the one which you like the most to buy.

Polaroid Originals OneStep+

polaroid originals oneStep+

Actually, the company designed this model like an old one which they launched in 1977, it loads with the advanced features and everyone can take the pictures with the help of the Bluetooth connectivity by controlling through your smartphones and print them instantly.

The Onestep+ has a portrait and landscape lens for your convenience, and they have included the double exposure, long exposure mode for light painting photography. You can clap your hands to trigger the shutter which is available in the option of noise trigger.

The fixed 106mm has an f/14 to f/64 lens, and it lets you shoot sharper images with the help of the high performing flash. The price looks decent, but you have to spend more bucks on buying the film.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

fujifilm instax square sq6

The Instax Square SQ6 has a similar option to Mini 9, but the body is quite big with square-shaped. Seven modes are available, and the interesting thing is that it has an automatic mode too. It’s easy to understand the settings, and you can use it without any hassle.

Another important factor you have to notice is that the L and D option. If you want to shoot your photo darker then you can select D, and the options L is for lighter pictures. The design looks elegant, and the price is quite expensive.

The camera has a fixed focus of 65.75mm with an f/12.6 lens, and you can take pictures as closely as possible. Here you need to keep your lens filters safely wherever you are using them because they will give you the three filters, and sometimes it will be hard to carry along with you.

FUJIFILM Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid

fujifilm instax mini liplay

You can say from the name itself that the camera is very-small and light-weighted, in this model you can look up the display to check whether the photo is perfectly snapped or not. Because you don’t have to waste your film prints.

In other Instax cameras, they don’t have the LCD screen to view the photos, if you don’t feel it as good looking picture then you can re-take it and print them. The Instax Mini Liplay has one fantastic feature that is you can record the audio while taking the photos.

With the help of a QR code, you can embed the audio, and if you give it to someone they can listen to the audio by scanning the code. The look of the camera is so promising, and the price is reasonable with these features.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

best instax model: instax mini 70

Mainly designed for the self-portrait lovers, the camera body looks smooth, and it has a variety of colors like midnight black, canary yellow, and so on. On the front side of the camera, you can see how it will look like when you take a selfie because they have a selfie mirror to see the photos.

The mini 70 has a high performing flash which helps the camera to shoot at the darker place, and it will act according to the situation whether it is brighter or not. It has a 60mm of f/12.7 lens, and Hi-key shooting is the greatest thing in this camera.

You should keep your camera a little bit away say for at one arm distance while taking a selfie, and it has a 10-second self-timer. It is a budget-friendly instant camera.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

best instax model: instax wide 300

The Instax Wide 300 is bulkier, but the camera is built with an awesome design, and it is very comfortable to use. The closeup lens lets you shoot the wider part of your subject area, and the camera will manage the exposure level in any situation.

You need to select only the darker or lighter mode while you are shooting with this Instax Wide 300, the interface of the camera seems to be pretty easy to use. And the cost of the camera is the least expensive than the other instant cameras.

In this you can check the film pack whether it is going to finish or not, the Wide 300 has space to fix the tripod for better results.

KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

instax camera: kodak smile

It is a slide-open model to shoot the images, and the camera has 10MP of an image sensor with a wide-angle 32mm of f/2.8 lens. When compared to the other instant camera, this is quite costly if you see the features of this camera.

The display will help you to print the best one, and it uses Zink printing technology, you can mount the memory card, and the battery is rechargeable. It has an indication too in the LCD display.

Finally, the body color comes with a different color, but few only look okay to buy it. The KODAK smile is a great choice for the children.

Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera

instax camera: leica sofort instant camera

Leica cameras will be expensive, and when it comes to the instant camera they didn’t do any dirty trick to reduce the price, this camera is still expensive, and the features are not as much as we expected. The style and looks of the camera are impressive.

It does have some cool features like the macro mode can be used for close-ups shot, the flash can turn it on and off manually, and for the selfies, you can see how the output will come. Lastly, the camera has a bulb mode function for long exposure photography.

The money which you are going to spend on the film will be a little more, so you have to be cautious about that while you are printing the pictures.

Lomography Lomo Instant Automat Glass Camera & Lenses

Lomography Lomo instant automat glass camera

The Lomo’instant Automat Glass comes with the best widest lens, and it is compatible with the other Fujifilm cameras. The picture quality is amazing in the camera and the design too. You can get as close as possible to get crisp details on your images.

The camera is packed with bulb mode, close-up lens, multiple exposure mode, and so on. Overall it is a good choice for the photographers and for the people who enjoy taking the selfies and pictures. Overall, the price looks standard with these wonderful features.


I hope the information which I have shared will be helpful for you to pick the right instant camera for you, your friends and family members.

Have fun while you are shooting with your camera and leave a comment which is your favorite one.