Best image editing apps

Back in the days usually everyone uses Photoshop or Lightroom for editing photos on PC or laptop, yeah now also the same thing is going on but mobile phones are launching amazing image editing apps with plenty of features nowadays. In most cases, people will have at least one editing app in their mobile to edit their photos with filters and other basic settings like brightness, contrast, and so on.

We’ve discovered the best editing apps for smartphones that you would love to edit your photos on your mobile phone. And we’ll specify which app will be available on the android and iPhone so that you won’t get confused at that time.

Here is the list of top editing apps for you

If you want to have one more additional editing application in your device and there are alternative choices for these apps. First, let’s look at the above list, and then you can see the alternative ones for your smartphone. Finally, you can choose whichever suitable for your needs.


VSCO has three features, one is you can shoot the images with the app, second, you can, of course, edit the images which you have taken from the app and finally, you can share the images which you like the most in the online community.

Yeah, many amateur and pro photographers are using this platform to share their images and build a relationship with the photographers. VSCO is the best application for photo editing and it includes brightness, contrast, crop, shadows, and temperature adjustments.

The filters are the brilliant ones in this app. It has a bunch of filters and if you need more of it, you can purchase them but the free version is enough for you. If you are not satisfied with the current filters you can buy filters by paying money, it’s worth it.

If you would like to darken the image or you need to have a lighter one you can edit that in the filters also with the adjustment tool. VSCO is available on both Android and iPhone.

image editing apps: VSCO


Snapseed is developed by Google and it is completely free, it has more advanced features than the other free editing apps. You can edit RAW images and the app includes a healing brush, lens blur, HDR, and perspective and these items can be found only in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Though they are allowing many features it can’t come closer to Photoshop and the app is very user friendly it will be easy for the beginners to adopt at first and for the professional photographers too. It offers you the selective tool which helps you to change the color, blur, and other changes at certain places on your images.

It is only for the editing unlike other apps you can’t shoot the images and the online community is not available in this application. You can see the below screenshot of the editing tools which Snapseed allows you to have it on your device.

In Snapseed you don’t have to pay any money or they won’t force you to pay for anything by showing ads. Snapseed is a really powerful and efficient application and it is available in both the Android and iPhone.

image editing apps: Snapseed llc

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the advanced editing apps for smartphones, it is ideal for beginners and experienced photographers. It’s a cloud-based platform, you can edit the photos on any device at any time. Lightroom interface is very user friendly and it allows you to edit the RAW images on the device.

This app has more filters like other ones and everything is for free, but some of the tools can’t be accessed if you are using the free version. When you buy the premium version it will allow you to access certain tools like selective and perspective adjustment tools for better use.

You can edit the brightness, exposure, color mix, split tone, and many other options are available in the application, and you can share your photos on the social media platform. It doesn’t have an online community like VSCO yet it is the best photo editing app for iOSas well as for Android phones.

The remarkable thing about this app is it has a camera with advanced features like adjusting the ISO, shutter speed, and Grid. Check the below for reference and Lightroom is there in both Android and iPhone.

best editing apps: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express has the Adobe Creative Cloud account where you can upload your pictures and you can edit it anytime on your android phone, iPad, and iPhone. Some features can’t be found in mobile software like the desktop edition but it has more advanced tools in a free version itself.

Whether you are a pro or starter this app will be easy for you to handle it, once you start to do editing with the cropping, filters, borders, etc.… you will fall in love with this application. It is completely free and you can share the photos in any social media apps which are available in the Photoshop Express application.

With this app, you can add text on the pictures and many more but the mobile Lightroom version is better than Photoshop Express, this is the great image editor app for the shooters. Finally, it has presented in both Android and iPhone.

editing apps: Photoshop Express

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Surprisingly Enlight application is a gem for the photographers but the sad thing is that it is not available for the android users. Before getting into the app they will show the tutorials like how you can edit the photos with this app and other tool setting videos.

One of the greatest things in this application is that you can do the double exposure for your pictures, many people would love to do it and for them, this could be an amazing application. Enlight has the pro version which you can buy it for a monthly plan or lifetime purchase.

Enlight is suitable for everyone and tools like color toning, frames, and collage, etc will make your imagination come true with the pictures. This is the best editing apps for iPhone from our list, the interface will amaze you when you start to edit the photos.

best editing apps: Enlight


Picsart is the most used and downloaded application in the stores, if you look at the below images you can see by yourself there are many features available for free. You can crop, add a text, clone the image, etc. with the Picsart. If you want additional features you can purchase it from the store.

The app has the option of sharing images to all the social networks, you can shoot the pictures with a built-in camera and it also has many filters so that you can add them while you are capturing the subject for a more dramatic feel in the images.

You can make GIFs with the application, and if you buy the premium version they will allow you to have the awesome stickers, text fonts, and an ad-free version. Nevertheless, for background changing apps Picsart is a great tool and for the editing too.

Either you are a mobile or DSLR photographer this app will support you in every aspect. Picsart is available in both Android and iPhone.

best editing apps: PicsArt


Pixlr is not only used in mobile phones but it can be used in the browser also and they have the extension in chrome, it is totally free. It has more advanced tools to edit, add filters to your photos and you can remove the background with a simple click in the application.

You can buy the premium for a monthly or yearly subscription for more features in the tool but a free version is okay for you to edit the photos and many tutorials are there so that if you don’t understand anything about the interface you can learn it from the videos.

With this app, you can shoot the images and you can share it with your friends on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc. The collage, pencil drawing, and many awesome tools are available which you won’t get dissatisfied by downloading this application.

Lastly, the Pixlr is a great app to change photo background and it is available in both Android and iPhone.

best editing apps: Pixlr

Photo Lab

For so long Photo Lab hasn’t come in the top 10 photo editing apps list but in recent years they have made several changes, and they included a wide collection of effects, filters, and frames. Those who are more likely to add filters, create artistic effects, and do paintings then this app will be a good choice for you.

The app has a common editing tool like crop, brightness, sharpness, and rotate, as well as the premium version is available in the stores if you buy it you can use the images without any watermarks and there will be no advertisement while you are editing the pictures in your phone.

Photo Lab interface is very simple and anyone can learn to edit the photos, it is one of the decent editing apps for Instagram posts and other social media platforms. You can share it directly through this app and this is available on both the iPhone and Android.

photo editor app: PhotoLab


Prisma doesn’t focus mainly on editing the images, they have other tools like paintings and drawings effects for the people who are more interested in that and the online community will let you share your edited image on your feed.

This app went viral a few years back with the AI filters after that nobody is talking about this but the normal tools are available in the stores. You can share the photos to any social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and in the email too.

Overall, it is the best filter app for Android and iPhone users. And the pro version is there if you would like to upgrade it from the free version.

image editing apps: Prisma


Instasize is easy to use and the interface is very simple than the other editing apps but recently people who are using this application are facing the app crash issue and the loading speed problem. Hope after the update they will resolve these issues for better performance.

You can add the filters, texts, and the other common adjustment tools, you can edit your videos by adding music or resizing the ratio of your video. After that, you can share both the images and videos on social media networks.

This app has the pro version you can unlock many features like blemish remover, color variation, and many tools, it has a monthly or yearly subscription. Instasize is the greatest vintage filter app and that is available on both Android and iPhone.

photo editor app: Instasize


Yet another application only for iOS users, Yeah Darkroom is only for the iPhone or iPad users and the features are all amazing and many photographers are preferring this app than the other ones on the iPhone or iPad. Additionally, it has a video editing tool for making your videos look stunning after the processing.

Darkroom has In-app purchases so if you need more features you can purchase it from the app store and they have priced the tools separately so you can buy it which one you needed the most for editing the photos. You can edit your RAW images, add filters, curves & selective tools and many things are there in this application.

It is recommended by many people and this is the top photo editor software in the iOS store so far and the reviews were good too. Darkroom is the most downloaded and trusted mobile editing apps for users.

photo editor app: Darkroom


A few years ago Retrica stormed in every mobile device by having lots of filters and effects in the application. So many people are enjoying the app and started to share the images on social media platforms. For selfie lovers, this could be the greatest option for taking pictures.

You can shoot videos and you can make the GIF also with this application, the toy camera is the best thing and many stickers are included in this app. Retrica is the best filter camera app in both Android and iPhone stores.

best editing apps: Retrica

Alternative Choices

So here are the few apps you can have it in your smartphone additionally if you need


Airbrush is the application that will remove pimples, blemishes, and spots on the face, and it has dozens of tools where you can adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and so on. The interface of the app is very cool and it is suitable for every user.

You can share your photos on social networking sites after doing a couple of retouching on your images. Airbrush has a free and premium version for both Android and iPhone users.

editing apps: Airbrush

ToolWiz Photos

Toolwiz is very simple to use, everything can be done with a single touch and this is named as an all-in-one mobile editor. Basically, this tool is applicable for Android users, it includes the features of face swap, exposure, and other adjustment tools.

You can do the double exposure to your images with one tap feature which is available in the application. Many stickers, frames, and other items are available in ToolWiz for the users.

photo editor app: Toolwiz


The editing features are amazing in B612 and it has a lot of stickers, filters, and effects. Actually, you can take pictures and videos in the mobile app after that you can add soft music or whatever you would like to do on your videos.

B612 has facial recognition stickers and creative tools for you to edit and you can share them with your friends. It is totally free for the Android and iOS users, you can download it from the stores.

best photo editing app: B612


Which is the great photo editing app for smartphones?

Every image editing app has its pros and cons, but so far Lightroom and Snapseed are the best applications for editing in smartphones and on our list too.

Which application do experienced photographers use?

Most photographers prefer Photoshop or Lightroom, but some of them are using Snapseed and VSCO for editing, adding filters, and sharing the image in the online community of VSCO and they will build a relationship with the photographers all around the world.