how to protect your mobile phone camera

These days smartphones are carried by most of the people, but many users forget to protect the smartphones with proper care. Due to this, their mobile phone will get damaged by scratches, or some people will unknowingly drop their mobile phone while inserting in their pocket or by any other events.

If your phone got broken in some circumstances and you need to repair your mobile phone, sometimes it will be expensive, and you might lose your most important data from your smartphone. So to prevent those things, you should do a little change on your mobile phone to avoid any damages.

I have decided to look in-depth on how to protect your smartphone camera, and I’ll give you the tips which I have done for my smartphone.

Make Use of Tempered Glass

You can think that everybody knows, how come it can be a useful tip for us and of course, all of them know about this, but some people won’t prefer to put the tempered glass on their display. Because everybody thinks that the Corning gorilla glass will be enough to protect the phone from any damage, and some don’t like to put a tempered glass.

It doesn’t cost much, so putting a tempered glass will be a better option to protect the display and front camera of the mobile. If your tempered glass got broken you can change it by spending a few bucks out of your pocket, but if you are not having the tempered your display got broken means you need to spend a lot of money to repair that, so having a tempered glass would be the best option for your smartphone.

Placing the mobile in the right way

It can be in any situation or anywhere, for instance before keeping your mobile phone in your pocket check that if you are having any things like car or bike key and house key. The reason is that it might scratch your camera or your display. So be aware of those things while carrying your mobile phone with you.

If it gets scratched, you won’t be able to use it like before and you will lose the interest to take the photos with your mobile phone. Be careful wherever you are placing your smartphone.

Phone Camera Protector

There are many lens protectors available on the market, try to find the right one and fix it at the rear camera. Though you are having the tougher glass company, it can’t guarantee you that it won’t break at any cause.

Before getting the protector, if you are comfortable with the tempered glass you can buy that one otherwise you can go for the mobile phone camera protector. It keeps your camera protector from any external damage.

Get a Case or Cover

If you are not comfortable with doing everything listed above, then try out this one. Purchasing a case will be the best choice for your mobile phone and it will protect your phone most of the time.

Different types of phone cases are available on the market and pick the one which is suitable for you. Smartphone cases are made with plastic, leather, transparent silicon, and other variety of materials available.

Some people would prefer cases and some would go for the flip cover. But in the end, it is totally up to you to choose the type of case to protect the mobile phone and your camera. If you see the below images you can see the different varieties of cases for the mobile phone which are available on the market and the most popular cases.

smartphone cases and covers

Clean it regularly

Normally this is the basic thing you have to do consistently otherwise your smartphone will get stuff by the dust on every part of your mobile phone, and sometimes by chance, the dust can enter into the camera lens.

Even if you are using the case and tempered glass on your mobile phone cleaning it constantly with the soft cloth will avoid damages to your camera lens.

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Consider these Things While Shooting Inside or Outside of your House

In addition to the above precautions, you have to be very careful while you are shooting with your mobile phone. For instance, if you are shooting near the waterfalls or in the sandiest area, you need to be very careful while using smartphones.

If the water or mud gets into the camera, then you will end up spending the money to repair the device. Meanwhile, if your smartphone is water-resistant then that would not be a problem. But if you are shooting in the mud area, you have to use your mobile phone vigilantly.

And one more thing is that while using your smartphone with a tripod or gimbal. Check whether it’s fixed perfectly or not because a friend of mine, while he was recording the video, unfortunately the mobile phone slipped from his gear and it was broken by falling into the floor.

Some people are suggesting the scotch tape for the smartphone camera lens. But that’s not the right way to protect your camera lens. If anybody suggests you to do that, please try to avoid those because it will damage your clarity of the images and videos.

Final Thoughts

If you are more concerned about protecting your smartphone camera and your display, then spend some bucks to cover the mobile properly by the case or the flip cover or by other types of material available on the market.


Could the mobile camera lens affect picture quality?

If you are taking care of the camera lens correctly, it is not going to be a problem, and you will get a perfect image quality with your mobile phone. In case you damage your camera lens with scratches and dust, it will reflect on the output of the images.

Do I need to cover the smartphone camera lens with a protector?

Not for everyone, but if you want to avoid the dust and other particles entering your camera, better you can get the lens protector for your smartphone. For the front camera, tempered glass would be the best choice to use it.