how to make a vlog on your smartphone

Many people are creating vlogs on their smartphones. If you are a beginner then smartphones are way better than fancy cameras.

Here I’ll tell you what are all the things you need to do and you need not do, so that it will be easy for you to make the videos and upload them on any social media networks.

Do you need any gear along with the mobile for vlogging?

When it comes to vlogging some people get worried about this part, do I need to carry the different types of equipment? In short maybe but if you are newly starting the vlog, you don’t have any money to spend on the gadgets, then it is totally fine to record the videos with only the smartphones.

Once you start to earn the money you can put that money on the gears and other kinds of stuff to make your videos even better than the older videos. And you can upgrade your smartphones, if you are already starting the vlog with the high-end devices then you don’t have to worry about this part.

Few gears are recommended while you are more serious about the vlogging, you should carry the selfie stick, smaller tripod, and the external mic. These three types of equipment are enough to record the videos perfectly. While buying the smartphones or whatever mobiles you are having in your hand you need to check the video capability and stability of the device.

How to make people watch your videos?

Before recording the videos you need to be aware of who will be your target audience? And why should they watch your videos?

Once you have finalized that, you can start to record videos. You can tell about the overview of videos for example if you are going to any new places then you can start with where is it? And how long it will take to reach there from certain places. Finally, what is special about that place? And why did you choose that place? This is just only an example you can do differently if you would like to do it.

The audience will know what the video is about and if anyone is interested in that particular topic they will watch the videos otherwise they will skip the videos. You don’t have to worry about the skip part because you are posting the videos only for the people who like to travel to places.

This is where you can reach the target audience easily if anyone is interested in your videos they’ll watch the videos completely, otherwise, they will just skip the videos. So telling about these things at first might be helpful for the users who are watching your videos.

Things you should not do while vlogging

First thing, it is very important and you need to overcome this part. You should not feel uncomfortable or shy while recording the videos in public, some people may find this as a difficult one but you need to come out of that zone. In the beginning, it will be a little difficult for you but once you start to make videos regularly in public you will forget about everything eventually and you will start to focus more on your content.

Next, if you are creating the content for 10 mins don’t just only talk for the entire time you should show the variation in your videos otherwise it will be boring for the people who are watching your videos. For example, you can make the B-ROLL shotsSlow-MoTime lapse, and other types of videos.

One more thing don’t bluff like for 20 or 30 mins just keep it short and sweet, try to make short videos so that people will engage with your videos instead of switching to the other videos.

In case, if any one of your videos gets negative feedback try to interact with them and don’t neglect the feedback from viewers. Because replying to feedback is one of the key factors in social networks. If you can’t tolerate any comments you can just delete them or you can just ignore them at that time. But try to engage with your viewers as much as possible.

How to record vlog videos on your smartphone?

Place the smartphone in the right position while you are recording with your hand, don’t get too close or too far away from the camera. Get more footage wherever you are going and finally you can pick the right one and combine it to get the final video.

If you are carrying the travel tripod, fix the smartphone on the tripod, keep it a little far away from you and start to talk about the things you need to cover in this video. You can try rear and front cameras to record the videos.

While making the vlogs try to bring emotion to your videos, record yourself and see which is suitable for you whether to be funny or energized or any type of entertainment. So that people will love to watch your vlogs.

When you are making the vlog videos have the intro, middle part, and ending. The intro and ending part can be as per your wish like what is it about and how do you feel about the place which you have visited? The middle part is the important one in your video you need to explain or show about everything wherever you are going or any types of videos.

So while recording your videos think about which one has to come to in the intro and main section and finally the end part.

Steps to do after recording the vlog videos

  • You have to pick the best footage from the videos which you have recorded so far and edit them with the editing software’s (It can be anything premiere pro, Filmora, Quik, etc…).
  • Have a look at the final cuts whether everything is good or not, if you feel you have to change anything you can re-edit the cuts and make the final one.
  • Upload them in the social media networks, you can choose whatever platform you want for example Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok and other networks.
  • At the end of the video ask for suggestions or feedback to the viewers, so that you can improve your content in your upcoming videos.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is the important thing in your vlogging, if you are doing it regularly you will come to know where you are doing wrong and you can improve that part in a later video.

Keep that in your mind and happy vlogging!