can i wear headphones continuously without taking a break

To put in a simple way “No”. You need to take off your headphones if you are using them for longer hours many studies have proven that you should at least take a break in between if you are using the device endlessly. Read on to know more about those things.

How long can you wear headphones?

Normally, it is okay to hear the music at the level of 60 and 85 decibels, because at this level human ears will not get damaged. And WHO (World Health Organization) recommends to use the headphones for a minimum of one hour. But in that one hour too, you need to keep a moderate volume of the music or if you are watching movies or while playing games.

Try to get the rest for a while when you are using the longer hours, recently I brought the In-ear headphones from the boat. It is working completely fine, when I use it continuously I may sometimes have ear pain.

After that, I started to take rest for few minutes and I’ll be using with the 60% – 70% of the volume, if you use the volume more than that you will get sometimes headache or your ears starts to feel the pain. So try to maintain the level always while having them on your ears.

What happens if you use earphones every day?

If you use it every day with a high sound your eardrum will get damaged, so always maintain the sound level. You have to know what types of headphones are you using and how many hours are you listening and wearing them. If you are using the In-ear headphones then you have to clean the headphones regularly because you are fixing your bud inside your ears and closing your eardrum canal. When you are using the In-ear headphones always lower the volume because the bass sound will damage your eardrum.

Other types of headsets like over-ear and on-ear headphones are okay but try to turn down the volume to the level which is not stressful for your ears.

And I would recommend you to try this app for measuring the decibels Sound Meter. It will calibrate the decibel for every device. The app will show you the noise level, displays the decibels and the variations.

If you need the accurate sound level then you have to buy the actual meter for that and the application too recommended that.

Is it better to use headphones or earphones?

Headphones are the best choice for hearing the songs, watching the movies or series or anime and playing games. And it will not damage the ears like the earphones because the earbuds will be placed inside your canal.

So better to go with the headphones for a soothing feel and if you are using the earphone as I said you need to keep the sound level medium or take a rest for a minute and continue with whatever you guys are doing. If you spend a little bit of money you will get the noise cancellation headphones for better quality and your eardrum will be on the safer.

What are some disadvantages of using earphones for a long time?

When you look at the disadvantages you will have ear pain and headache. Because I’ve felt that when I use it for a long time without taking any break & with the high volume. So I suggest you to keep the volume medium & if you are wearing it for a longer time then take it out from the ears & take a rest for a while.

One more thing people tend to do, that is wearing earphones on the single side. By doing this you are doing two things to yourself, first, you may not enjoy the music or the movies completely. Because the feel and everything you will be missing when you are wearing on the single side. Secondly, it will cause you a headache sometimes.

So, if the headset is not working on the one side and working on the side means try to replace it with the new one or try to repair the headset. Don’t use it with the single side and if it’s working completely fine means then wear it on both sides of your ears.