Best Tripod Stand for DSLR

Getting a tripod will be a wonderful option than hand holding the camera in some cases. Just think about the low-light situation, long exposure photography, panning shots, and self-portrait, in those times you will keep your shutter at the bulb mode or maybe slow shutter speed for capturing the images and recording any video.

So, buying the best tripod for DSLR and fixing the camera on a tripod is essential for better results.

Here we will talk about the best ones but the tripods are categorized into several types like a monopod, All-in-one, travel, and so on. Sturdy tripods are the ones that will help you to achieve what you are looking for? Furthermore, the tripod will let you shoot at different angles.

Let me introduce you the list of tripods for a camera to purchase for every photographer

Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree Travel Tripod

tripod for dslr: Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH BeFree


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Leg Sections: 4

Max Load: 4 kg

Weight: 1.4 kg

Manfrotto Befree is weightless, compact, and easy to carry a tripod, but that doesn’t mean it can’t carry the heavy gears. The company has guaranteed that it can hold up to 4kg of load even though you are taking the full zoom lenses with you. The designs are so remarkable from the rest of our tripod list.

Because of the light-weighted body, you don’t have to worry about any unstable movement in your tripod. It will deliver the high sharpness images if your camera is correctly fixed on the tripod. For travelers, this could be the greatest option for carrying around.

Finally, it is so easy to attach the digital camera in the tripod and the Manfrotto tripod is the best travel tripod for beginners and amateur photographers too. Some people personally don’t like the twist lock option in this model.

Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

tripod stand: Neewer Carbon Fiber


Material: Carbon Fiber

Leg Sections: 4 

Max Load: 12kg

Weight: 1.5kg

Neewer Carbon Fiber material is very stiff so when you place the DSLR in tripod stand it won’t get easily disturbed by the wind but the problem is that it can’t hold the heavy lens and if you are using the zoom lens and extending the lens tripod will be bending forward, so you have to be very careful while using this in outdoor.

Basically, this is a 2 in 1 model. It can be used as a normal tripod and Monopod also then if you are going for the hiking trip this can be used as a stick while climbing the mountain or any steep area. It can be folded into a smaller one so that you don’t have to worry about the space in your bag.

The design and style of the stand are amazing but the issue is the twist locks it will take some time to place it correctly. However, those who are seeking for the travel tripod this is the one you can carry it around with you anywhere.

KF concept tm2324 62 Camera Tripod

tripod for dslr: k f concept tm2324 62 Lightweight


Material: Aluminum

Leg Sections: 4 

Max Load: 10kg

Weight: 1.35kg

K F concept kit has outstanding material and it weighs less than the other products, this is very compact and if you are going out with a lot of gears then this won’t make that much space in your bag to take it around. Sometimes it comes with a carrying bag otherwise you need to get it separately.

It appears that the model can hold the mobile phones on the tripod, you can shoot the videos or the slow speed photography with your smartphones. Instead of spending money on the cheap tripod for the camera, you can go for this model and it is unbreakable in many cases because it’s almost made with steel material.

Actually, the flip lock is easy to fold so that you don’t have to struggle with the folding process. The tripod is durable and the ball head can be moved in the various angles for accurate shooting, K F concept is the foremost tripod for digital cameras and it is suitable for every genre photographer.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Tripod (Black)

best tripod for dslr: Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB


Material: Aluminum

Leg Sections: 3

Max Load: 7kg

Weight: 2.4kg

The Vanguard Alta Pro model stands out from the crowd because of the sturdy material and the load it carries on the tripod, but this is not a featherweight kit it weighs a lot compared to its rivals. So better be careful while you are going out with this kit.

It supports low angle photography and the head can be rotated at the 360-degree for your convenience, the ISSL (Instant Swivel Stop-n-lock) lets the tripod central column to move easily with a single movement. They are giving the bag for this tripod to carry it wherever you want to go.

If you guys need a very stable and user-friendly camera stand then you can purchase this model, it will be very useful for travel, landscape, and wedding photography. Lastly, it has the flip locks and it is easily removable, additionally, this kit has spiked rubber feet so that the tripod can hold the camera steadily without any vibration.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

tripod for dslr: AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight


Material: Aluminum 

Leg Sections: 3

Max Load: 3kg

Weight: 1.23kg

Amazonbasics is a great product at this price range and if anybody is complaining about the product just don’t worry because at this price range no other product can do a better job than this and none of them can replace it. Of course, it can’t stand in the windy environment but if you are looking for very sturdy material then you have to go for another option.

The greatest lightweight tripod product from Amazon and you can purchase this for your daily usage. You can’t fold it like other models. You have to carry this separately with the bag but it is lighter than the other kits.

While you are planning to place your mobile phone on the tripod you have to buy the holder individually, it is easy to mount and the locks can be released quickly and smoothly so that you won’t miss any beautiful shots while capturing your subjects.

Joby Tripod 1K Stand

best tripod stand: Joby Tripod 1K Stand and Ball-head


Material: Aluminum

Max Load: 2.2lbs

Weight: 195 g

The Joby tripod only holds weight which is very less and it will be a perfect choice for the smartphones but you have to buy the holder separately. It is compact and light-weighted so that you can carry it everywhere easily with your backpack.

They have three mode options in the tripod that is the grip, wrap and stand, this option is really helpful for the photographer, vlogger or if you are recording any videos for your channel. It supports only the compact mirrorless camera and the devices are less than 2.2lbs if you are placing more than that it will get broken after a few times of usage.

If you are looking for a portable tripod with a fair price then purchase this one, foot grip and rubber ring will increase the stability of the tripod. Before going anywhere with this tripod just try to figure out how much weight it can hold otherwise it would be a problem for you.

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic 64.2`` Tripod

best tripod for dslr: MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic


Material: Aluminum

Leg Sections: 5

Max Load: 12kg

Weight: 2.1kg

Either you can use it as a tripod or monopod it does have those options, and it allows you to do a 360-degree panning shot. The tripod is very compact and it has five sections of height adjustments, therefore it can hold the heavy body at the top without any trouble while shooting the images or recording any videos.

Without using any other tools you can use this as a monopod and the twist-lock allows you to do the setup easily and quickly. They have a separate head and pan lock for your camera to be very secure in any case while you are shooting at different angles.

The tripod comes with the carry case for the protection and the company gives you the 5 years of warranty on your product if anything is broken you can fix it without any frustration. You will love this tripod but the drawback is the weight of the product.

Benro Mach3 Long Carbon Fiber 3 Series Tripod (TMA38CL)

best tripod for dslr: Benro Mach3 Long Carbon Fiber


Material: Carbon Fiber

Leg Sections: 4

Max Load: 16kg

Weight: 2kg

The Mach3 ensures that it supports the heavy body and it will be very sturdy in almost every situation, and this is a featherweight body you can carry anywhere without having any strain in your joints. Spiked feet will help you to shoot in the hard surfaces and stability is very good in this tripod.

The build quality is amazing and it is designed with the advanced carbon fiber materials, eventually, it supports the indoor and outdoor photography whether it is with the hard weather or mudded area. You can use it over the years without any complaints about the cracking in the materials.

If you are owning the other brand tripods and not satisfied with some of the drawbacks you can purchase this one, many photographers and other content creators are happy with this product. We highly recommend this product to you.

Benro FGP18A SystemGo Plus Tripod

best tripod for dslr: Benro FGP18A SystemGo Plus Tripod


Material: Aluminum

Leg Sections: 4

Max Load: 10kg

Weight: 1.6kg

The FGP18A is a versatile model and it is offering you a very sturdy tripod head and it can be easily taken anywhere. But the problem is that little shake will occur in outdoor photography because of the wind so that the images and videos are not as expected.

The tripod can be used horizontally in various angles and positions, and this is compact in size but it is little heavier than other stands. You can detach the two legs so that you can use it as a monopod, it has rubber and spike feet for better support.

The top is quite different from the rest of the tripods. You can screw it or unscrew it anytime, mostly this supports other tripod heads too. Finally, the tripod allows you to fold it in a reverse way so that you can wrap it easily in your bag while traveling outside.

Gitzo GK3532-82QD Series 3 Tripod

tripod stand: Gitzo GK3532-82QD Series 3 Tripod


Material: Carbon Fiber

Max Load: 10kg

Weight: 2.65kg

The final product on our list and it is very expensive than the other products but the build quality is superb when compared to others, it can hold heavy lenses and it is suitable for wedding and wildlife photography. But the weight of the model is lighter as like others.

While you are exploring outside for a long time this won’t make you feel as heavy as other gadgets, and the twist locks are easy to remove and you can put it back to the position as you need. The ball head was not a quick release to fix it so this could be a problem for some people.

And this is the extraordinary tripod stand for a DSLR camera, you won’t regret in the future for buying this product. This tripod is more rigid and stronger than the others and is best suited for professional photographers.


Which tripod stand is good for the camera?

You can’t specifically say that it depends on your needs if you are more into the travel genre then you have to buy the one which is suitable for you. We have listed the best tripods for travel, wedding and other types of photography, make sure to check out our list.

Will any tripod work with any DSLRs?

Almost every camera can be used on any type of tripods but the only thing you have to be aware of the tripod heads because it can be interchangeable with the other ones. So if you are buying any tripods get the tripod heads separately for a backup.

What tripods do professional photographers use?

Most of them use the Manfrotto, Vanguard, and MeFOTO for better stability and durability.

What can I use instead of a tripod?

You can use the monopod that would be one option, otherwise, you can do the DIY by watching videos on YouTube. Make use of the environment as if there is any flat area you can keep your DSLR on the surface for better results.