action camera for vloggers

Obviously, you don’t need an action camera all the time but if you are having one then it will be a very helpful gadget for you to shoot wherever you are roaming, especially for the vloggers. Nowadays most people are publishing their content daily on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to buy only the action camera because some of the DSLR cameras are also providing excellent results for vlogging. And some people will use the smartphone with the gimbal.

Here we’ll discuss how you can find the best camera for vlogging and which one will be suitable for every scenario. Let’s dive into the topic to see more about this.

When should you buy the action camera?

If you are a travel enthusiast and recording videos for your vlogs are the major thing you are going to do then you should consider buying the action camera. Basically, it is cheaper than the normal DSLR and mirrorless camera, you don’t have to worry about handling while shooting with the action camera because it is actually very durable.

Stabilization is one of the most important factors in the action camera. In some cases, it is far better than the smartphones and DSLRs. Many best action cameras are there on the market and you have to choose the one according to your needs.

Quality of Images & Videos

When it comes to the quality you’ll be amazed at what you see, it offers you an excellent HD and 4K videos to you but before buying the gear you need to look for the frames per second (fps), and what are all the modes available in the camera.

Some action cameras don’t perform in the low light situation, so before purchasing look forward to it. You need an external microphone while recording videos for better quality in the audio.

Camera Controls

Apparently, the controls are easy to handle and anyone can adapt to it within a few days and in every action-camera touchscreen makes your work easier and smoother. For underwater photography only you need external equipment like gimbal and other gears.

Best Action Camera for Vlogging

Let me introduce the list of best ones for you

DJI Osmo Pocket

dji osmo pocket

Specially made for travelers who are capturing every single moment and uploading their content on the social media platform. It uses the 3-axis stabilized gimbal to avoid the shakiness in the video and it gives you the cinematic effect to your videos.

DJI Osmo Pocket comes with the 4K/60fps of video and 12MP for taking photos, you can control the camera with a single hand easily by few swipes and taps because the display has the touchscreen option to change the modes.

Eventually, you can control the camera through the smartphone with the DJI Mimo app, it has a lot of features which will be very helpful for you. It allows you to capture under the water and you can share the files with the single click on your device.

For safety purposes, they are providing you with the cover where you can keep the gear and it has an active tracking, motion lapse, and a 3×3 Panorama option. Overall it is a superb choice for the vloggers.

  • Pros

    • Easy to handle
    • Fantastic 4K video recording
    • Amazing picture quality

  • Cons

    • The audio isn’t that good

GoPro HERO 8

action camera: gopro hero 8

When you say action camera everyone will ask are you having a GoPro camera that’s how the name got familiar all over the places. They are providing the best results for the people who are more concerned about the quality of the images and videos.

Actually, GoPro HERO 8 is the successor of the HERO 7 model, you can capture very smooth and stable footage while you are vlogging. HERO 8 is a waterproof camera and you can place the camera anywhere like on an uneven surface or bumpy road yet it gives you a stable output.

The camera allows you to have different views, it is narrow, linear, wide, and SuperView for close and wide shots. You can share the files to the GoPro app, edit, and share it with your friends. Live streaming is available in the camera and the touchscreen will be very comfortable for you.

It is a weightless body but the price is quite high for the beginner vloggers, the battery is good to go in any situation and you can carry the spare battery along with you in case of any emergency situation. Apart from this, it is the best action camera for the vloggers to buy.

  • Pros

    • Great image stabilization
    • Build quality is good

  • Cons

    • Overheating problem

Insta 360 One X

vlogging camera: insta 360 one x

One X got everything you need while traveling and vlogging at the same time, let’s look at the camera features. It is a 360-degree action camera and if you are using the selfie stick while recording the video it will automatically remove the stick area and the video looks more like a flying camera.

The camera is built-in with the “flow state” stabilization and it allows the camera to record the videos smoother. But one thing you have to know about the camera is that it has a smart track option so you don’t have to worry about the focus on your subject.

You can transfer the files easily with an app and you can edit the photos and videos instantly on your device. Finally, you can share them on any of the social media networks. The battery is quite good but if you are running out of battery you can have one backup with you and you can charge it quickly with a Dual battery charging dock.

They are providing the drift accessory and bullet time bundle for getting more realistic shots with the One X and this offers you to film your adventures in a different way.

  • Pros

    • Great Stabilization
    • Ease of use
    • Excellent build quality

  • Cons

    • Struggling in the low light situation

Livestream Mevo Plus

livestream mevo plus

Basically, it is designed for the people who are going often on live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Mevo Plus can be controlled through your mobile device and it lets you capture Ultra HD 4K videos with great stabilization and you can capture the photos with the 12MP of the image sensor.

You can connect an external microphone on Metro Plus to improve the audio quality seamlessly. The Mevo Plus battery stays around for 6 hours so plan accordingly while you are going out with this gear. The live editing app lets you see the different types of frames and you can choose the frame whichever you need with a single tap.

More importantly, this has a face detection technology which is the best thing to the camera and the price of the model is pretty high for some people, and those who are planning to buy the action camera with a decent price this is not recommended for you.

  • Pros

    • Decent Image quality
    • Reliable battery

  • Cons

    • The sensor is not up to the mark

Garmin VIRB XE

action camera: garmin virb xe

The Garmin VIRB XE records your footage of 1440p at 30fps and the gear can be managed underwater up to the depth of 50mm. It comes with a lot of mounts to protect it from any damage and to use the device in a proper way to get a better output.

You can see the above pictures to know more about the mounts, the camera has a clip-on connector for transferring the files and you can charge your camera through it. The battery is something you need to be aware of while shooting because it stays a maximum of 2 hours to record any videos.

So, better carry an extra battery along with you while planning for the long trip and turn the recording switch forward to record the videos. If you want to capture images you have to click the camera key, moreover it doesn’t have the touch screen facility. It has 12 megapixels and burst mode up to 30fps.

With a dedicated built-in Wi-Fi allow smartphones to control the camera with the help of a mobile app, and the device has VIRB tracking and G-Metrix for better functioning. VIRB XE is a decent option for the content creators.

  • Pros

    • Best Waterproof body
    • Amazing sensors

  • Cons

    • No 4K video

Logitech C922 Pro

action camera: logitech c922 pro

The Logitech C922 Pro is mainly made for live streamers and YouTubers who are creating content on a daily basis. You can record the videos of 1080p at 30fps or hyperfast HD 720p at 60fps. With the help of a mobile application, you can zoom it and pan the camera.

In this camera, you will see an amazing feature that the background can be customized while you are recording the videos. Moreover, they have partnered with the XSplit for a better result to satisfy the users and the speakers are outstanding for recording the audio, you will get a crystal clear voice while recording it.

They are providing a 3-month XSplit Premium license for the users, the price of the model is quite less when compared to the other models. Autofocus seems to be more accurate and flexible for recording. If you are creating content regularly like gaming, reviewing videos then it is a better choice for you to purchase.

  • Pros

    • Great stabilization
    • Excellent image quality

  • Cons

    • Background removal has some issues

Best Camera for Vlogging

So far we have seen the action camera for vloggers, right now we will look into the DSLR cameras for vlogging to get the mind-blowing results.

Sony ZV-1

sony zv-1 camera

The Sony ZV-1 is designed for the vloggers and you can create content flawlessly anywhere, at any time. The camera has a 20.1MP Exmor CMOS sensor with a 425 contrast detection and 315 phase-detection AF points and it has 24fps of continuous shooting which is a fantastic thing for the vloggers.

It’s got so many cool features like the fast autofocus, background Bokeh and product settings, if you are going to review any product then you can enable product showcase settings for the accurate focus of your product. This is constructed with a BIONZ X image processor to deliver outstanding quality in both images and videos.

The LCD has 3.0-inches of touchscreen display with flip out type and you can adjust the display as per your wish. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let your camera to send the files quickly and precisely. You can boost the ISO level up to 6400 and it is still usable for you to edit and share it with your buddies.

Finally, the ZV-1 is for the creators and if your focus is mainly on quality then you have to consider this one and this is quite expensive than the other action camera for vloggers.

  • Pros

    • Marvelous Image and video quality
    • Very compact
    • Excellent audio recording

  • Cons

    • Absence of headphone port

Canon EOS 90D

Canon EOS 90D

When you planned to use the camera for vlogging as well as for photography then this would be the best choice for you to purchase or upgrade the old camera. The EOS 90D has a 32.5MP CMOS sensor with a 45-point all cross-type phase-detection AF system and it has a 10fps of continuous shooting.

You need to shoot the ISO level below the 6400 or sometimes you can use 12800 but if you are leveling up then you will see the noise on the images. The DIGIC 8 processor is used for the fast performance and the camera will work in difficult lighting situations.

You can control the camera through the Canon Camera Connect app with the help of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and you can transfer the files to your smartphones. The 3.0-inches of LCD vari-angle touchscreen display makes your work easier and the 4K video recording is pretty good in the camera.

Even though the camera doesn’t look like other cameras in our list, it does an excellent job for both the shooters and content creators. The camera is high-priced than the other models so if you find this as an expensive gear then you can check out other cameras on our list.

  • Pros

    • No crop for 4K video
    • Easy to handle the camera

  • Cons

    • Lacking in low light condition

Things you should know before buying action camera for vlogging

Some people would buy the mirrorless camera instead of an action camera, the one advantage of an action camera is that the price is cheaper than the mirrorless camera.

For vlogging, some people are using smartphones to record their videos yet it’s easy to edit and upload the videos. But the battery won’t stand for a longer time if you are considering recording videos continuously while traveling.

Some mobile phones are not a waterproof resistance so you have to be very careful about that too, in low light situations mobiles find it hard to focus the subject. So all of the disadvantages in other gear are no longer there in the action cameras. You can carry the extra battery for backup in an action camera.

Final Thoughts

Hope you liked this blog. After reading this, you’ll have an idea about when and what you should buy things for vlogging.

Let us know your thoughts on the comment box right away.